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The Subaru Leone, produced from 1971 to 1994, holds a special place in Subaru's history as a compact car that underwent several iterations and name changes over the years. One of its notable variations was the Subaru BRAT, which was introduced as the coupe version in 1977. The BRAT, with its unique design featuring rear-facing seats in the cargo bed, garnered attention and became a popular choice among adventurous drivers.

In the United States, the third-generation Leone was known as the Subaru RX. This version offered a blend of style and performance, appealing to drivers who sought a sportier driving experience. The Subaru RX Turbo, introduced in 1987, took performance to the next level with its turbocharged engine and enhanced capabilities.

Today, the lineage of the Subaru Leone and Subaru RX can be seen in the Subaru Impreza, a beloved sedan that has become a staple in Subaru's lineup. The Impreza continues to embody Subaru's commitment to reliability, versatility, and driving enjoyment.

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