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The Subaru Forester has been a staple in the automotive industry since its debut in 1997. Born from the innovative minds at Subaru, this versatile crossover has evolved over the years, now gracing the roads in its fifth-generation form. Sharing its platform with the renowned Subaru Impreza, the Forester has consistently maintained its reputation for reliability, practicality, and adventure.

The first-generation Forester showcased the brand's dedication to creating a harmonious blend of performance, safety, and comfort. As the years passed, Subaru continued to refine and innovate the Forester, building on its legacy and nurturing a loyal following of enthusiasts worldwide.

The Subaru Forester of today exudes a modern, sophisticated design, showcasing the perfect balance of ruggedness and elegance. Whether you prefer a sportier look or a touch of luxury, the Forester has something to suit your taste. With a range of trim levels, including Premium, Sport, Limited, and Touring, drivers can choose the features that best cater to their needs and preferences.

Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories

For Subaru Forester owners seeking replacement parts or accessories, Subaru Direct Wholesale stands as the go-to destination. Unlike aftermarket parts, which can be hit-or-miss in terms of quality and fit, Subaru Direct Wholesale exclusively offers genuine Subaru auto parts, meticulously crafted to ensure an exact fit for your specific model. This guarantee provides not only peace of mind but also ensures optimal performance and longevity for your beloved Forester.

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