Subaru Brat Models

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What does the Subaru BRAT stand for? It stands for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter. Technically, it was a light-duty coupe utility -- and the only four-wheel-drive small truck at that time. As a result, this two-door, two-seater had impressive hauling capabilities. It also featured open-aired seating in the bed, so it had plenty of style and personality. Eventually, the Subaru Baja replaced the Subaru BRAT pickup -- but if you need to purchase auto parts for your BRAT truck, we've got you covered!

Here at Subaru Direct Wholesale, we have all the parts you need to take on the job from your garage. Since we only sell OEM Subaru parts made by the brand, they are guaranteed to fit your small pickup truck. That's a guarantee you won't find with aftermarket parts.

Did you know it's easy to order parts online on our website? All you have to do is select your model year and the types of parts you're looking for. Once you place an order, we will ship them out immediately, directly to your front door. The best part? Our parts team will answer any questions you have throughout the shopping process. You're welcome to get in touch with our team today.